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Who Should Get a Botox Treatment?

Over the years, it’s very likely you’ve come across quite a few people who’ve had Botox treatment performed for one reason or another. The treatment is extremely common and it can address a number of both cosmetic and therapeutic issues.

But despite the widespread popularity of the injections, there is still quite a bit of misinformation circulating about Botox.

In this article, we will outline the main points about Botox in an attempt to dispel any rumors or misconceptions you may have about the treatment. If, by the end of the article, you’ve decided that you still aren’t convinced that Botox treatment is right for you, consider reaching out to a skilled Botox dermatologist. These doctors would be happy to answer any and all questions you have about Botox injections.

What is Botox Made From?

Botox is made from a protein that has been extracted from the Botulinum toxin. When Botox is injected into an area of the body by a skilled dermatologist, it can relax certain muscles and the nerves that are associated with them. When it comes to cosmetic goals, this creates skin that looks smoother and wrinkle free.

How Long Does a Botox Treatment Take?

Before you receive the actual Botox injection, you will sit down with the dermatologist and go over exactly what you want to achieve through the treatment. Once you’ve outlined your goals and gone over the potential side effects, the actual treatment takes no more than 15-20 minutes.

What are the Side Effects of Botox?

Potential side effects of Botox are more or less what you might assume:

Each of these side effects are temporary and generally resolve very quickly. However, there are some rarer complications that may occur and may take a few weeks to wear off. These include facial drooping and other similar conditions. Additionally, you may experience headaches after your first round of Botox but this will resolve quickly and generally you won’t have these headaches when receive future Botox injections.

How Long Does Botox Last?

Generally, Botox will last roughly 3 months, but it may last as long as 6 months. Some people’s results will remain in place longer than others based on a variety of factors including genetics. There is also some research to indicate that those who get Botox regularly can often wait longer between injections.

What Precautions Should a Person Take After Getting Botox?

After receiving Botox injections, the patient is advised to avoid heavy exercise for a few hours. Additionally, positions in which the head hangs lower than the waist should be avoided. These precautions are designed to lessen the chances that bruises develop as a result of the treatment.

Is Botox Right for You?

Botox is a safe, widely available, effective treatment for a variety of conditions. The few side effects that can occur from Botox are mild, and working with a skilled dermatologist can decrease the chances of experiencing them even more.

Call your Botox dermatologist today for a consultation!

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