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What is Cosmetic Dermatology and Types of Treatments Included?

Cosmetic dermatology is a field of medicine that focuses entirely on the diagnosis and treatment of problems with the skin, cellulite, nails, and hair problems. It is a blend to some degree of both the surgical and medical aspects. Acne, pigmentation, scars, and wrinkles are just a few of the conditions that are treated by dermatologists that enhance the skin’s appearance on the outside.

While some dermatologists focus on skin-related medical conditions and risks, others prefer to think about cosmetic and 醫美 issues. Cosmetic dermatology requires additional training for practitioners. However, this specialization doesn’t require any additional certificate to run a centre.

Retens is a 醫學美容中心 in Tsim Sha Tsui. All the medical equipment used in the centre is US FDA and EU CE certified. All the dermatologists and specialists working in the centre have at least 10 years of experience. The treatment room is equipped with a glass ceiling and floor. This way, patients can enjoy natural light during their treatment.

Types of Cosmetic Dermatology Methods

Botox Injection

Botox injections reduce wrinkles. It prevents the release of acetylcholine, which are responsible for the facial muscles’ ability to contract. Since repeated muscular contractions cause wrinkles, therefore a lack of acetylcholine has the immediate effect of lessening the appearance of wrinkles.

Laser Therapy

Strong light beams are used in laser surgery to treat skin problems. By inducing inflammation, it controls damage to the skin. The healing process enhances the aesthetics of the treated area.

The laser treatment is sued for various reasons –

  • Aging
  • Scars
  • Tattoo removal
  • Brown spots
  • Sun damage
  • Loose skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Stretch marks
  • Hair removal


The outer skin layers are mechanically removed during this 醫學美容 surgery to periodically expose the younger, healthier cells beneath. A deeper approach is used in Dermabrasion conducted by a cosmetic dermatologist than in microdermabrasion performed by an aesthetician. Some patients are prescribed medication lower down pain. If you are keloid-prone, Dermabrasion might not be the best course of action for you.

Soft Tissue Fillers 

subcutaneous fat disappears with time. However, it is difficult to hide age if it appears on the face. Injectable fillers will make it easier to dispel wrinkles and restore the skin’s youthful fullness. Soft tissue fillers include collagen, silicon, and hyaluronic acid are good examples of soft tissue fillers. Since an autologous fat transfer uses the patient’s bodily fat to move the skin, thus it protects patients from severe allergies.


Rows of extremely small needles are applied to the skin during medical microneedling. Following micro-injuries, it stimulates inflammatory mechanisms, which promote skin renewal and collagen production. Due to this, it is often referred to as “collagen induction treatment.”

Reasons for Cosmetic Treatment

  • Customers aspire to meet beauty standards.
  • They are becoming more and more confident in the therapies.
  • People are looking to build confidence because they feel a good appearance helps in peer acceptance.
  • Some people want to look as they did when they were younger.
  • Higher-income groups are searching for new methods to love themselves more.

No matter what the reason is initially cosmetic treatment was quite painful, but with the latest tools and advanced technology, various treatments have become painless and smooth. No worries about major side effects and the professionals also have years of experience, which makes them experts in their profession.

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