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Top 5 Careers Best Suited for Graduates in Healthcare MBA

If you’re wondering whether you should take an online MBA in health administration, the answer is yes. The degree opens doors to various lucrative job openings in the healthcare sector and other relative fields, ranging from hospital administration to policy formulation in both health and governmental departments.

The US health care sector keeps expanding, and so does the need for new MBA in healthcare graduates. Similarly, the jobs in the industry have become more complex, hence demanding more experience than the traditional operations. Here are some careers you may consider with your Healthcare MBA.

1.    Pharmaceutical Project Management

pharmaceutical project management position often requires a professional with a strong background in science and another degree in a relevant scientific discipline. Studying MBA in healthcare puts you fit for this position, considering that the program’s curriculum rhymes with the position’s needs.
The roles of a pharmaceutical project manager will include:
• Overseeing the development of new drugs
• Assembling teams to study the advantages and side effects of different therapies
• Launching advertisement campaigns

2.    Health care Consultants

Health care departments, health institutions, and organizations are continuously sourcing for professionals with reliable knowledge to make recommendations on how to optimize their operations while maintaining their financial footing. The experts do this by interviewing professionals, collecting information, and presenting possible solutions to managers. HCMBA grads are a perfect fit for this job, considering the analytical skills that the program’s curriculum emphasizes.

Similarly, consultants earn among the highest salaries compared to other fields in the healthcare sector. Likewise, more firms are sprouting now and again, an indication that you’ll enjoy higher wages, as well as job sustainability.

3.    Hospital Administration

This is an excellent career for health professionals interested in joining leadership positions in the industry. Hospital administrators run medical centers, clinics, research hospitals, community hospitals, nursing homes alongside other communities.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics foretells growth of managing positions to be at 5% between 2019 and 2029, with their salaries averaging $109 760 in 2020. However, the grass looks greener for hospital administrators considering the explosive development of managed care, health technologies, and medical services.

4.    Strategic Project Manager

Bringing new Medical devices on board takes a lot of research, coordination, strategic decision-making, and deep healthcare industry know-how. Similarly, compliance for these devices requires clear reporting indicating implementation from specific features and how they satisfactorily correspond to the requirements.

An HCMBA equips graduates with the relevant skills they require to pull off the responsibilities.

5.    Entrepreneurship

The US healthcare industry accounts for a sixth of the country’s total gross product. That makes this sector an appealing space for innovators and startups. And, every other health professional can start a firm focused on providing medical services. However, the challenges that come with managing a startup, including working on tight budgets, office space acquisition, hiring, and operating virtual work policies, may be overwhelming if you’re less knowledgeable. The HCMBA program is priceless in creating competency in such areas, putting you at a higher advantage of entrepreneurial success.

The HCMBA curriculum is relatively versatile. The skills you’ll learn as an MBA in healthcare graduate provide you with a well-rounded background in healthcare strategy, planning, and management while also preparing you for a lucrative career in business. Thus, the degree positions you at a place of higher possibilities and numerous career opportunities.

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