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The 3 R’s Guaranteed to Improve a Smile

Looking after personal hygiene is a fundamental part of anyone’s everyday existence. It is important to keep yourself clean so that basic health is kept in good order and allows you to feel confident, especially when around others.

Oral hygiene and having teeth and gums in good order plays a big part in the overall effect, as it’s one of the body’s main functions. It’s a part of the face that draws attention from others, especially if it exudes bad smells or has teeth in poor condition. In 2023 there is no need to suffer with these issues as dental hygiene has become part of everyday life and going to the dentist no longer insights fear. Newtown dental in Australia is a great place to go and sort out any problems so that a beautiful smile can be displayed without any worries.

It’s a great start to use a dental clinic that is at the heart of the community and cares. For over 20 years the practice has shown a warmth and inclusivity to welcome its patients and ensure that they have a stress-free visit where comfort is a priority. A closely knitted together team of dental professionals continue to look towards new techniques and technologies so that all that they treat are beneficiaries. With opening hours including between 10am and 2pm, they also offer the opportunity for those who are involved in a normal working week to get treatment.

The dental practice provides a whole range of services to ensure good oral hygiene and healthy teeth, based around 3 R’s.

  • Retain: They offer excellent advice on teeth cleaning, which is essential for having a fresh clean mouth and set of molars and to prevent disease. The dentist will remove plaque and tartar before using a high-powered electric brush to deep clean the teeth, followed by flossing and fluoride treatment. Regular checkups to spot any problems at an early stage are important, as they can often prevent the need for extractions. The practice welcomes all the community, and that includes children, who will feel relaxed about a visit.
  • Restore: Orthodontic treatments that may include braces will realign teeth so that it prevents future issues, while dental implants are a great way to fill vital gaps left by missing teeth. Crowns or bridges can be a way to save a tooth and make it look great again. All of which can be carried out by one of the professional dentists.
  • Revamp: Cosmetic dentistry treatment can restore confidence when repairing discoloured, chipped, or broken teeth so that a smile can be displayed with happiness with no worries as to what others think. Teeth whitening is another great solution on offer, while sometimes a smile makeover might be the chosen option.

With affordable rates, stress reduction, and all the latest technologies, it makes total sense to visit the local dental clinic in Newtown, Australia and feel fresh and confident while improving and maintaining teeth and oral hygiene to leave with a happy smile.

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