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Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The list of possible erectile Dysfunction symptoms is lengthy. However, it can be narrowed down to a few easy to spot indicators of dysfunction. Some of the more noticeable ones are: difficulty achieving or sustaining an erection, problems maintaining an erection long enough for it to work and decreased sexual desire after sex. If any of these symptoms apply to you, it is time to find out how you can treat and improve your condition.

If you have problems with erections, the sooner you seek treatment the better. There are a number of causes of erectile dysfunction. And erectile dysfunction can be treated. If your doctor suspects that ED is the cause of your problems, he may prescribe anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication as treatment. Or your doctor may suggest medical treatment for your erectile dysfunction issues if alternative options are not appropriate for your specific circumstances. And if all else fails, your doctor may suggest Erectile Dysfunction laser treatment.

A very common cause of erectile dysfunction is alcohol use. Men who drink heavily over a long period of time may develop a more serious condition known as alcoholic hypoglycemia. This condition can cause blood vessels in the head of your penis to contract too tightly. Over time, this tightens the nerves in your penis and prevents blood from reaching your erectile organs. This can shorten your sexual life, cause erectile dysfunctions and even cause premature ejaculation.

Another issue with alcohol use and erectile dysfunction is smoking. Both are very big contributors to premature ejaculation. And since smoking weakens your immune system over time, it can lead to other health issues, including cancer. So keep your consumption of cigarettes and other tobacco products under control to improve your sex life.

Obesity is another physical causes of erectile dysfunction. Your fatty tissue is not able to perform as it should because of unhealthy fats in your body. This causes blood vessels to contract, which decreases blood flow to your penile organs. Again, this can shorten your sexual experience. To avoid this, learn to eat healthier and get some exercise.

Finally, atherosclerosis can cause your penis to have problems during sex. When cholesterol levels become too high, the artery walls harden, making it harder for blood to get to your penis. This is often associated with physical causes of erectile dysfunction, like a weak stomach for example. However, there’s another problem: atherosclerosis can also be caused by a lack of vitamin C in your body. If you don’t get enough vitamin C, your skin will produce plaque (a hard, chunky material that builds up on the interior walls of your arteries) instead of being protected by your arterial walls.

Erectile Dysfunction affects millions of men. Millions of men search for remedies for their condition every day, but most do not get the help they need. This could be for many different reasons; some men try to ignore the problem, because they are embarrassed about it. Some men turn to drugs or dangerous methods of treatment, like surgery, which can have adverse side effects and can cost a lot of money. Some men choose to take their condition into their own hands, using natural treatments for erectile dysfunction that work just as well if not better than any over the counter or prescription product available on the market.

Erectile Dysfunction symptoms may include: Trouble obtaining or maintaining an erection large enough to complete sexual intercourse. Trouble maintaining or achieving an erection long enough to experience an orgasm. Achieving and maintaining an erection requires strength, skill and control. Having an orgasm is the culmination of sexual stimulation. Both partners must be in agreement that an orgasm will occur before any sexual intercourse can occur.

Other physical causes for erectile dysfunction include high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, heart disease, high cholesterol levels, and/or stress, diabetes, circulation problems, stroke, tumors, anemia and more. Each of these physical causes has different contributing factors, so treatment for ED varies accordingly. ED can also be caused by physical problems in the body, including enlarged prostate, bladder problems or infection in the bladder, small penis size, or muscle strain in the pelvic area. Depression, high blood pressure and heart disease, smoking, high cholesterol levels, high sugar levels, fatigue, lack of exercise, or poor diet may also be associated with ED.

The best treatment for erectile dysfunction, like the best treatments for any condition, depends upon the cause. Treating the actual cause, rather than masking the symptoms, can have greater long-term results. There are some conditions that cannot be treated with drugs or surgery, but can be treated with dietary changes, behavioral changes or just by improving your overall health. Stress is a very common contributing factor to ED, so learning how to manage stress and avoiding the things that trigger stress can go a long way toward curing erectile dysfunction problems. If you are not already practicing healthy lifestyle habits, then it is time that you start.

ED is not just about physical problems. There are certain medical conditions that can increase the risk factors for having erectile dysfunction, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cholesterol levels, tobacco use, and some physical causes. Smoking cigarettes and using recreational drugs can both dramatically increase your risks for developing erectile dysfunction, and both of these problems should be tackled. Diabetes can have many different complications that affect male sexual function, so if you have diabetes, you should definitely see your doctor if you have any concerns about how your health could affect your ability to get an erection. Heart disease and cholesterol levels can also lead to erectile dysfunction, so keeping a check on your cholesterol and blood pressure can help you avoid having serious health complications, like ED.

No matter what the underlying causes of ED are, there are ways to treat the symptoms. One of the easiest ways to ease the symptoms of ED is to try to improve your overall health. Avoiding unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking and eating poorly can both have harmful effects on your body. Learning how to get your sexual intercourse off to a great start by taking care of your overall health can go a long way toward curing your problem in no time at all. If you feel that you are suffering from these symptoms, then it is time for you to take matters into your own hands and see what treatments are available to you.

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