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Our VT-Grown Smokeable Hemp Flower Tastes Amazing

Whether you enjoy buds, pre-rolls, or concentrates, having fresh and potent CBD is important. Here are some of the reasons why the locally owned CBD producers, Mansfield Provision in VT, offer the best flavor on the market.

8 Reasons to Choose Vermont CBD Company, Mansfield Provisions

1. Unique Strains

When you smoke CBD, you’ll find a range of unique strains with different aromas and flavors. Mansfield Provisions carries many unique strains so you can find the right options to please your taste buds.

2. Best Quality

Quality is important in every industry. However, CBD quality is crucial. You’ll be pleased to know that this company has experts harvest some of the finest hemp flower, providing amazing flavor with every purchase.

3. Sustainable Practices

As you’ve probably noticed, sustainably sourced, organic CBD often tastes better than its counterpart that has soaked-up harmful chemicals. Fortunately, this company takes pleasure in ensuring that all of its goods are organic and developed using sustainable farming practices so you can enjoy delicious flavor while also knowing that your purchase is not harmful to the environment.

4. Freshest Packaging

Unlike many hemp farms, Mansfield seals its goods in airtight containers. This prevents excess oxygen from entering the package, keeping the items fresher for longer and allowing you to enjoy the full range of terpenes. Furthermore, it makes their products taste superior to those that don’t properly store their product.

5. Product Variety

You’ll probably discover a product that you prefer smoking because you enjoy the taste, similar to how you discovered your favorite strain. As a result, you’ll want to find a provider who offers the product you’re looking for. Because Mansfield sells buds, pre-rolls, powders, and crumbles, this shop has you covered. You can browse their collection, find what you’re looking for, and choose the right strain to get perfect smokes every time.

6. Top-Notch Facility

Hemp growers face strict regulations set by the Department of Agriculture, which often leads to producers trying to find loopholes to get around these roadblocks. However, this company takes growing hemp both indoor and outdoor seriously.

7. Excellent Terpenes Profile

The terpenes profile of your product determines how effective your CBD is. It also impacts the flavor and aroma produced by your product. The good news is that all of the products offered by this company have excellent terpene profiles, and you can view them online to make sure each strain has exactly what you are looking for.

8. Products All Year

Growing high-quality CBD all year takes talent, and Mansfield Provisions does it right. Hand-trimming and hand-watering in their indoor facility allows them to produce the highest quality products all year long, so you are guaranteed fresh smokes even in the dead of winter.

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