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NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination: How Can They Help You?

Individuals with disabilities gain numerous benefits from NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination. However, most individuals are wondering what the difference is between these two and just believe they’re similar services. Although complementary, plan management and support coordination have distinct approaches to making an NDIS plan a reality. In this post, discover more about NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination and how they may benefit you.

What Is the NDIS Plan Management?

NDIS Plan Management assists you in paying for this assistance utilising NDIS funds. It acts as a financial advisor for NDIS participants. They help you in managing your NDIS finances, which are the funds from your service plan that cover the required assistance and services.

Here is what your plan manager could do:

  • Assist you in keeping a record of NDIS funds. For example, the NDIS plan manager may produce a report on your expenditure and notify you whenever your funds are depleted.
  • Receive and manage invoices to keep track of how you use your NDIS funds.
  • Assist you in improving your plan and funding abilities. In addition, engaging with a plan manager may assist you in learning how to handle your finances.
  • Compensate your service providers for the assistance they give.
  • Provide financial advice on your NDIS Plan managers may advise you on which service providers you could utilise with your financing. This will allow you to make an educated choice about your contribution.

Plan Management Options

  • Agency Managed or NDIA – The NDIA manages your finances.

If you choose this plan, the NDIA must compensate NDIS-registered services on your account. Sadly, this also implies that you will need help to utilise non-NDIS registered providers. In addition, you have no choice but to pay the sums specified in the Price Restrictions and NDIS Pricing Patterns.

  • Self-Managed means that you handle your finances.

This implies that you or your agent will be in charge of all financial management actions for your plan. You will be required to reimburse providers, submit claims for reimbursement, and make notes of your expenditure.

  • Combination – A portion of your assets may be handled by a plan manager, while the remainder is handled by you.

Although you could examine these solutions, it is essential to investigate plan organisation. Plan Management is free since it has its funding. You have more options and control since you may obtain services from both non-registered and registered NDIS providers.

How to Acquire Plan Management?

You may request the assistance of a Plan Manager at your planned appointment with the NDIA. This is going to be included in your strategy. There are also no strings associated with getting cash for Plan Management.

What Should Your Plan Manager Not Do?

They need help in promptly linking you to other sources of assistance. For instance, when you require support to join you at the store each day, you cannot anticipate your plan manager to locate and book a healthcare professional for you. This is not one of their responsibilities. However, Support Coordination may assist you with this.

What Is the NDIS Support Coordination?

The NDIS Support Coordinator will help you organise and put all the authorised assistance in your plan into action. They can:

  • Assist you in times of crisis and whenever problems occur.
  • Assist you in understanding your plan and service contracts.
  • Participate in scheduled meetings and assessments with you.
  • Improve your abilities to handle your plan by teaching you how to utilise the NDIS site.
  • Make any necessary evaluations.
  • Interact with suppliers on your behalf.
  • Service suppliers should be negotiated with.

Support Coordination Options

Your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) could assist you in understanding and implementing your strategy. A childhood development partnership may support you when you are the carer of an individual under the age of seven. However, the NDIA might finance a support coordinator when there are no early years associates or LACs in your region or when you need continuing help locating and engaging with service providers.

How Do You Obtain NDIS Support Coordination?

While you could access plan management funds by contacting your NDIA Planner, assistance coordination is only available to some. You could seek support coordination during your first plan session, but the NDIA will only incorporate it into your plan when the Agency believes it is appropriate and required. When it isn’t in your plan and your situation changes, you could ask for a plan review to incorporate it. You may ask your NDIS Planner to put you in touch with a support coordinator in your region.

What Should Your Support Coordinator Not Do?

They are unable to handle your funds. Although your Support Coordinator may help you arrange a visit with a therapist, she is not charged with processing the OT’s billing or managing finances. Remember that your SC is paid from a budget within Capacity Building, so carefully manage your SC’s time and funds.

Moreover, when your plan includes organisation functions, your Plan Manager may make arrangements with your suppliers on your behalf. Otherwise, for agency-managed programs, this is the duty of the NDIA or you when you administer your plan.

In Summary

Both services may be paid entirely when you are qualified. Your NDIS Plan Management and Support Coordination providers will collaborate with you to ensure you receive effective assistance while staying within your financial budget. This means having your valuable time to concentrate on enhancing your independence and life skills.

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