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How to Make Sure Your Store is Safe

When you own your own store, the safety and security of customers and staff is key. Accidents can be costly, and even put you out of business, and legislation is always changing, so you need to stay on top of it. Here are some tips that all shop owners should follow to keep their store safe.

Follow health and safety rules

Health and safety is important in public areas such as stores. This should include:

  • Removing spills and trip hazards as quickly as possible
  • Ensuring surfaces are clean and sanitised
  • Making sure nothing dangerous or sharp is left within reach
  • Ensuring any electrical equipment is well-maintained and regularly checked

You may also need to put in extra protections to stop the spread of viruses, such as having custom face masks made for employees, or making sure they wear gloves when handling certain items. Make sure you’ve done a thorough health and safety assessment before you open.

Keep the store clean

Regular cleaning is important in stores, as you have a lot of people in an enclosed space and can easily spread viruses and germs. You should consider investing in bulk cotton face masks for staff and visitors, as well as making sure there are handwashing facilities at the entrance to your store. This keeps everyone a lot safer and means you can cut staff sickness.

Pay attention to security

Shops can often be vulnerable to problems such as shoplifting, burglaries and more, so you need to make sure your team have a safe environment in which to work. You may wish to have a security guard on your door, or to have cameras installed in case there are thefts. You should also make sure staff are trained in security measures, especially if they’re going to be locking up the store at night.

When you are a business owner, it can feel like you have a big responsibility to your team, so you need to keep your store safe and secure. Whether this is through proper cleaning, hygiene and health and safety measures, or simply looking after physical security in a way that’s appropriate for your shop, there are lots of ways you can avoid an incident. You can also help prevent staff sickness, which can be a big expense for small businesses, simply with the wearing of masks and proper handwashing, so you and your team can stay health in the long run.

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