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Follow This Guide To Make An Affordable Iontophoresis Device At Home

What is an iontophoresis unit or device?

An iontophoresis device or unite is a device used for medical purposes by people who face excessive sweating issues. These devices are available in the markets but are expensive, So a cheaper and more affordable option is to make them yourself at home because you do not require many things to make them. The device gives you an electric current that resists your body’s sweat glands to secrete much sweat and retain the water in your body. The electric current given to you by this device is very mind and cannot harm you, which is why it will never lead you in a position of shock due to the current. In this article, we have given proper details about how to make your device. If you follow this guide, you will make a device for you on a budget.

Material required for making an iontophoresis device

There are a few basic materials that you will require to make this device. These materials are either available at your home, or can purchase them from the market or a store at a very affordable cost.

  • The first thing you need is a 12-volt battery responsible for delivering the current to your body. If you do not have one at home, you can find it in a store easily.
  • You will need two alligator clips, black and red, to transfer the current to either your hands or feet.
  • The next thing you will need is a pie pan made of aluminum, which will transfer the current with the alligator clips’ help.
  • An aluminum pie tray will be required for the actual procedure.
  • Water and salt will increase the conductivity of the water.
  • You can use Aquaphor or duct tape for smoothing the skin wherever there may be some cuts.

How to build an iontophoresis device?

First of all, remove any piece of jewelry that you might be wearing and then use Aquaphor or duct tape to prevent any sort of irritation. Once you have done that, you are ready to dip your hands into the saltwater in two different trays and then connect both the alligator pins to each of the trays. Keep your hands dipped in there for about ten good minutes and then switch the alligator clips and again dip your hands for the same time. You can do this process both on your hands and feet. With proper care and use of Aquaphor, you will be able to do this process at home effortlessly.

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