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All About Vanilla Essential Oil You Need To Know

The Vanilla essential oil has an exotic scent that makes it suitable for a wide range of uses in our lives. Whether you want to practice Aromatherapy or you wish to cook your favourite meal, a few drops of this oil can help. Vanilla essential oil for face is also quite well-known today. It can help subside the signs of wrinkles, fine lines and aging. In this process, the oil fosters better skin quality and improves its smell as well. 

In order to purchase Vanilla and make maximum use of it on time, it is prudent to understand the Vanilla essential oil benefit. Tap into the link to do this. Meanwhile, here is more information on the background of Vanilla essential oil for your comprehensive reference. 

What Is Vanilla Essential Oil?

You will be shocked to know that Vanilla essential oil does not genuinely fall into the category of an essential oil. This is because it has a very different process of extraction than all other essential oils in the business. The Vanilla bean pods are not suitable for use for any other extraction method. That is why you cannot really have the essential oil of Vanilla. 

Therefore, Vanilla essential oil is made of pure Vanilla extraction that comes in the form of a solvent known as Ethanol or by using the CO2 extraction technique. The oil also constitutes high amounts of Vanillin. 

Here are some primary types of Vanilla for a better reference. 

1. Absolute 

This one is a thick and concentrated substance that also undergoes the same extraction process with the help of a solvent. The best part about Absolute is that you can conveniently fusion it with other potential body products. 

2. Oleoresin 

This one is a semi-solid form of resin that comes from the pods of the Vanilla bean. This is also processed using a specific solvent. However, you might want to consider that this type does not easily blend with other carrier oils. This implies having a residue left-over in the product. 

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3. CO2 Extract 

In this Vanilla essential oil extraction process, high levels of Carbon Dioxide have been involved that work efficiently in blending with other carrier oils on time. In fact, this is also the only type of Vanilla that can be diffused in need. 

History Of Vanilla Essential Oil

The Vanilla plant has its origins based in the Caribbean, Central America and South American regions. Basically, Vanilla comes from its plant species called V. planifolia and is an important part of the Orchid family. Today, numerous Orchids falling under this category are edible. However, Vanilla stands out as a major cultivated food source among all other 2,500 Orchid species. The first time it was cultivated was in the 1400s by the Totanacs. This was done way before the Aztecs attacked them and conquered their region. 

During the attack, every rich that the Totanacs owned were taken away from them. They were all brought to Europe, of which Vanilla was also a primary part. Although Vanilla was quite an exceptional product back then, it did not gain any fame until the 1600s. This was when Vanilla was used as a primary ingredient to prepare a lip-smacking dessert for Queen Elizabeth I of England. Once the Queen tasted it, the ingredient soon began to spread to other parts of the world, starting from France. 

Chemical Properties Of Vanilla 

Vanillin acts as the primary active compound in the making of Vanilla. This is because it provides an aromatic smell and flavours that are bound to make your mouth salivate. Generally, the concentration of Vanillin is anything between 25 to 30 per cent. But that is not all. Vanilla can also provide lots of potential benefits to your health. This means that the more Vanillin present in your Vanilla, the more likely you are to extract better health benefits too. 

The concentration of Vanilla can be different in diverse processes. For example- the food-grade Vanilla extract constitutes only 2 percent of the primary active ingredient in Vanilla, Vanillin. Although its taste and smell make it account for 85%, the remaining 15 per cent is present because of a blend of the remaining 130 components that may be present in Vanilla. This is what creates the difference between Mexican Vanilla, Bourbon- Madagascar Vanilla and Tahitian.

Did you also know that it is fairly tough to harvest Vanilla? However, sources suggest that one can easily synthesize it using simple processes. These are some of the main reasons why you should purchase Vanilla essential oil in its pure form and reap the benefits on time.  

How Can Vanilla Essential Oil Help Improve Your Health?

1. Improves Relaxation 

Vanilla acts as a calming substance due to the amazing aroma it offers. That is why it is used importantly in Aromatherapy to this day. Sources suggest that this particular characteristic of Vanilla also helps it relax your muscles, ease tension from the body, and reduce anxiety and depression. In fact, it can also help you maintain better emotional balance in the long run. 

2. Foster Hair And Skin Health 

Vanilla essential oil includes Vitamin B that fosters hair improvement. It leads your hair to look silky, soft, and shiny in no time. That is why using a few drops of Vanilla essential oil regularly can help you see the benefits you desire in no time. For skin, it can be very useful in removing any signs of aging, including wrinkles and fine lines too.

Ending Note 

You can purchase Vanilla essential oil from any potential online store right away. However, make sure that before you start using it, you apply a patch test on a less visible body part to make sure it does not have any allergic reactions or side effects on your body. If you are safe after one or two days of the patch test, you can use the oil with minimal hassle. However, if you think you might face some allergic reaction, please consult your doctor on time. 

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