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6 Tips for Quick Recovery After Spinal Surgery

Back and spinal issues are common and affect both the young and the old. After undergoing back surgery, you may wonder how long it will take to resume your normal routine. However, recovery depends on how you take care f yourself. One of the most crucial actions to guarantee speedy recovery is adhering to the surgeon’s directions.

Let’s look at some of the tips to consider after spinal surgery:

  1. Your diet is key!

Healthy eating is crucial for a speedy recovery following surgical treatment. Your physical activity levels drastically decrease after spine surgery, which causes your weight to increase quickly. However, if you follow a healthy diet, your weight will be under control, and your joints will be preserved.

  1. Know the appropriate exercises 

Following your operation, you shouldn’t just sit around doing nothing. Get moving, for this offers numerous benefits! Exercising will help you develop physical strength, but avoid strenuous workouts like lifting weights and bending. You can even seek advice from the Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Center experts on the best exercises post-spinal surgery.

  1. Seek enough pain relief

Employ a variety of therapies to relieve pain. Your doctor will undoubtedly prescribe medication, but you can also try a variety of other techniques for pain management. Such strategies include keeping the appropriate postures, placing a cold compress on the injured region, etc.

This is a crucial piece of advice for recovering from spine surgery that you should consider. Your recovery will be a lot quicker if you combine these natural remedies with the prescription meds that your doctor has advised.

  1. Don’t ignore scheduled checkups

Most patients miss scheduled checkups. It may seem like a waste of resources to make an appointment if you’re feeling well and your wound is healing quickly. Such ignorance might make things worse.

Your doctor will ask you how you’re doing and whether your wound is healing correctly, but they may also check for other things you might not be aware of, such as infections. Make sure to complete your follow-up appointments because your medication may also be changed.

  1. Inspect your incision 

Inspect your wound regularly. Is the wound red or pink? Is there any bleeding from the wound, and if so, which color is it? Are the staples or stitches still in place? These inquiries are crucial, and looking at your incision will enable you to establish whether the surgery site is healing or an infection has set in.

  1. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption 

Even if you were used to smoking or drinking alcohol before your surgery, it’s good to curb the behavior completely. Taking smoke additives in your body will slow down your healing process. Additionally, alcohol might make the wound fresh, leading to more significant infections. Ensure you entirely avoid cigarettes and alcohol at all costs.


Your recovery after spine surgery mostly depends on how well you adhere to your doctor’s recommendations. Attend all your checkup appointments and know what to avoid post-surgery. Moreover, take care of your incision and watch your diet and stay hydrated. Besides, you need a healthy diet to regain your energy and recuperate after the surgery.

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